I am very happy to have the 1001 Arabidopsis genomes paper published in Cell in June 2016. I was very lucky to have access to such a cool dataset, and collaborate with so many great people.



This is a very cool paper. A mutant in thaliana that does not change the amount of recombination, but dramatically changes the position of recombination (CO) events along the chromosome leading to “strong significant negative interference… a genetic demonstration of CO clustering”. It is not obvious to me how natural variation in this gene that might lead to CO clustering would influence historic recombination rates in the population.



Good support for non-homologous end joining mediated intron loss in yeast: Intron evolution in Saccharomycetaceae, Hooks et al. GBE

And, at least in yeast, mRNA can act as a template for homologous recombination with chromosomal DNA. So much for the central dogma.


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